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Image by JR Padlan

Business Model

Participants in our program will be taught

  • Business planning

  • How to scale a business

  • Financial reporting

  • Marketing and sales

  • Operational organization

The Impact

In a 1960 speech, John F Kennedy said, “rising tides lift all ships”.  The premise of the speech is when one person’s station in life improves or “rises”, all those around will benefit or “rise” as well.


The business model of A.W.A.K.E. International Ministries is to cause “rising tides” for those in our programs -tides of knowledge, spirituality, and quality of life.


We desire to create business clusters in communities causing a ripple effect both monetarily and spiritually. 


Example of five different people with five different ideas:

  1. Participant 1: Bamboo Farmer. We provide education and finance to plant and harvest bamboo. 

  2. Participant 2: Construction Company. We provide education and finance to start a construction company. 

  3. Participant 3: Motorcycle Repair Company. We provide education and finance to start a truck / bike repair shop.

  4. Participant 4: Barbershop. We provide education and finance to create a barbershop business. 

  5. Participant 5: Seamstress. We provide education and finance to start a sewing and embroidery business.


The Impact of the Rising Tide

The Bamboo Farmer sells bamboo to the Construction Company that builds a home and shop for the Truck/Motorcycle Repair Company. The different owners all seek to look professional, therefore, they patron the barber for grooming as well as the seamstress to have signage and shirts made to advertise their businesses. Because of increased business, the seamstress needs more space. She reaches out to the Bamboo Farmer and the Construction Company. The Construction Company needs a tune-up on his vehicle in order to pick up and deliver supplies. While in the Repair Shop waiting on his vehicle's tune-up, he thinks he may as well get a haircut at the Barber Shop.

Because they all work together, each is providing for his family and employees. Because we have taught the principle of the tithe, the local missionary who initially nominated the participants see donations increase in the offering plate which enables him to do more good works. Because they all attend church together and patron one another, they become friends, study scripture, and tell others of Jesus. Because they all are prospering, they continue to grow their businesses which just makes the tides rise higher. 


This business impact on a community will change generational tides!

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