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The Solution to Poverty is not Charity

When we give to people who could work, we risk creating a dependency that is unhealthy, and contrary to God’s design. A.W.A.K.E. believes education and access to working capital for those who are entrepreneurially minded can provide jobs and security for many people.

A.W.A.K.E. Educational Academy

Courses taught 

  • Gospel of Christ

  • Acts

  • Pauline's Letters

  • Peter's Letters

  • Christ in the Workplace

  • Biblical Money Management

  • Product Development

    • Carpentry

    • Hair Care
    • Small Farming
    • Vehicle Repair
    • and More​

Working Capital

AWAKE will make available monies for entrepreneurial-minded individuals in impoverished areas so they may build a business. The goal is that the business will feed themselves and their community in a sustainable and multiplying fashion.   

AWAKE - loan white.png
average loan amount
AWAKE - loan white.png
repayment rate of microfinance loans
AWAKE - loan white.png
1 - 4%
interest rates
with AWAKE

Through regular interactions with the men and women we serve, staff members share the Gospel, facilitate Bible studies, and invite them to experience lasting transformation through a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Because many living in poverty have had limited access to formal education, AWAKE  offers biblically-based training, mentoring, and coaching to help people start or expand their businesses.

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